National Recruitment for Intensive Care Medicine

Please note: there have been changes to the ICM person specification for 2016. Please click on the 'ICM ST3 Person Specification' link below for more information. 

Work is well underway for the 2016 recruitment round for ICM.  The West Midlands Deanery will act as the co-ordinating Deanery for recruitment. National Recruitment for ICM will be for doctors starting in ST3 on the new curriculum. Trainees who apply from partner specialties at a higher level (i.e. ST5), will need to undertake the posts and CCT programme for their new CCT.  This may include training in posts at the Stage 1 (ST3/ST4) level where required.

Recruitment Upper Limit for 2016
For previous recruitment rounds there was no upper limit on when a trainee could enter a second specialty within training. This will change in 2016.  From the 2016 recruitment round onwards (interviews to be held in spring 2016), trainees will not be able to apply for Dual CCTs if they are beyond the end of ST5 in their initial specialty of appointment at the time of interview for ICM. 

The August 2015 intake was therefore the last opportunity for trainees above ST5 in a partner specialty to apply for a Dual CCTs programme with ICM.  If you have any questions on this issue please contact the Faculty.

Please see the Winter 2015 issue of Critical Eye for an article discussing the upper limit (pg.21).

GMC and the '18 Month Rule'
After FICM lobbying, the GMC have ended the 18 month rule for dual training.  See the relevant FAQ for more information.  The rule is effective retrospectively.  Trainees who are beyond 18 months and apply for a second specialty, will be awarded a CCT in both specialties, although the recruitment upper limit (ST5) should still be adhered to. 

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Key Personnel
The National Recruitment project is overseen by the Faculty's Quality Recruitment and Careers Sub-Committee [FICMQRC]. The Sub-Committee and the project is managed by Daniel Waeland (Head of FICM) with support from Anna Ripley (FICM Supervisor) and representation from the JRCPTB, the RCoA, the RCEM and the DH.

As the project continues, further information will be uploaded to both this website and the West Midlands Deanery ICM recruitment portal. Please do keep checking this page for updates.

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