Career Stories and tweets

Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) is an exciting and dynamic specialty with the responsibility for caring for the most critically ill patients in hospital.

To capture what it's like to work in ICM at all stages we've collected stories from Foundation year doctors to Trainee and Consultant



#DiscoverICM are a tweet series from intensivists exploring in a short punchy paragraph why they decided to discover this great specialty. 

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Trainee Journeys


ICM Trainees work across the entire spectrum of medical and surgical pathology providing a varied and robust working environment.

Below are accounts of the rewarding and exciting path ICM Trainees have taken.

Take a look at stories from all stages of training

  • Dr Adrew Owen - Dual ICM and Anaesthesia Trainee in the W. Midlands
  • Dr Leo Khoo - Dual ICM and Emergency Medicine trainee in Mersey
  • Dr Kate Flavin - Dual ICM and Anaesthesia trainee in London



Intensivist Stories


Whilst other medical specialties deal exclusively with specific organs or body systems, ICM encompasses the entire spectrum of medical and surgical pathology.

Read a variety of accounts from Intensivists all over the UK

  • Dr Goodall - ICM over 60
  • Dr Jagannathan - ICM Consultant in the N.E
  • Dr Duffy - Remote and rural working