Recruitment 2021

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*Updated on Friday 15 January* Please see our news story for further information

2021 Recruitment Timeline
Monday 23 November 2020Advertisement appears on NHS Jobs, BMJ and Oriel

10am Thursday 26 November to 4pm Thursday 17 December 2020

Application window
Monday 18 January to Monday 15 February 2021Self Assessment Document Upload window
Tuesday 16 March 2021Self Assessment verification scores released 
Tuesday 16 March to Friday 19 March 2021 (4pm)Self Assessment verification appeal window
Monday 22 March to Thursday 25 March 2021Action appeals
Monday 26 April 2021Offers Released


Discover ICM and Key updates 
Discover ICM. This resource aims to give a quick and easy introduction to a career in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), providing direct information and links to useful online resources
Our Key updates are listed here.


Eligibility, Person Specifications and Applications
National Recruitment for ICM will be for doctors starting in ST3 on the new curriculum.  Health Education West Midlands (HEWM) run the ICM National Recruitment Office on behalf of the Faculty.  Each year they develop a HEWM website which contains all of the information you need on applying and submitting your application.  


Core programme equivalence
ICM has no core programme and accepts applicants from the Acute Care Common Stream, Core Anaesthetics Training and Core Medicine Training.  Guidance on getting equivalence for core programmes is available here.


Recruitment data
For details on regional training and units please see our unit briefs 


The Recruitment Team
Recruitment is the responsibility of the Careers, Recruitment & Workforce Committee (FICMCRW), which is chaired by Dr Jack Parry-Jones.  The CRW features representation from the Lead Dean, The Royal College of Anaesthetists, The Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board.  Dr Parry-Jones leads on matters relating to recruitment (assessment, training and quality assurance).  James Goodwin, Natalie Bell and Susan Hall lead on recruitment for the Faculty Secretariat. 
The HEWM Team can be contacted at  

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