Careers Stories


Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) is an exciting and dynamic specialty with the responsibility for caring for the most critically ill patients in hospital.

Whilst other medical specialties deal exclusively with specific organs or body systems, ICM encompasses the entire spectrum of medical and surgical pathology. An ICM doctor is able to provide advanced organ support during critical illness and is responsible for coordinating the care of patients on the ICU.

ICM is high tech, lifesaving care that underpins and interacts with all other areas of the hospital.

Trainee Journeys

Back in 2014 the Faculty invited ICM trainees from different specialities and regions to tell us why they had decided to undertake ICM as part of their training and what it’s like to be an ICM doctor.

As part of our careers focus for 2017 we have been in contact with the very same trainees to get an update on their training progression to date, read on to see how they are getting on…

Dr Owen is a Dual ICM and Anaestheisa Trainee in the West Midlands, as well as a Clinical Fellow at the University of Birmingham.


Dr Grier is a Dual ICM and Anaesthesia Trainee who is also training in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine in the Severn region.


Dr Khoo is a Dual ICM and Emergency Medicine trainee in Mersey.


Dr Abbas is a Dual ICM and Acute Internal Medicine Trainee in the North West region.


Dr Flavin is a Dual ICM and Anaesthesia trainee in London.


Dr Mackay is a Dual ICM and Anaesthesia trainee in South Yorkshire.


Consultant Career Stories

Dr Jagannathan is an ICM Consultant in the North East