Recruitment to ICM - Specialty Trainees

National Recruitment to ICM began in 2012 with the launch of the new Single ICM Curriculum. Since then 600+ trainees have joined the programme and we are now beginning to see both Single ICM and Dual trainees complete their CCTs against this programme.

National Recruitment to the ICM programme currently occurs once a year (interviews typically fall in March/April) with appointments being in place for an August start.


Health Education West Midlands (HEWM) run the ICM National Recruitment Office on behalf of the faculty. Full details on eligibility, person specifications and the application process can be found on their website.


Next Steps 
If you feel like ICM might be the specialty for you and want to find out more, we recommend you talk to local representatives and those already working or training in ICM - see our how do I get started section for a list of possible people to approach for more information. 
You could also spend some time reviewing out Trainee stories. These stories began in 2014 and as part or our Career resources focus for 2017 we touched based with all of our original contributors to see how their training journey with ICM was progressing. They cover most of the Dual possibilities with ICM and are well worth a look.