Committees, Advisory Groups & Sub-Committes

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is one of the three standing committees of the Faculty.   It is responsible for ICM matters relating to guideline endorsement, good practice documentation, commissioning matters, revalidation and policies relating to patient safety, competencies, clinical audit and doctors in difficulty. This group runs jointly with the Intensive Care Society Standards Safety and Quality Committee. For more information on that group, visit the ICS website.

  • Dr Peter MacNaughton (Chair)
  • Dr Bob Winter (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Alison Pittard (Vice Dean)
  • Dr Chris Bassford
  • Dr Dan Harvey
  • Dr Peter Shirley
  • Dr Mike Spivey
  • Dr Jane Eddleston (Co-optee: CRG Representative via the Joint Committee)
  • Mr Keith Young (Co-optee: Lay Representative via the Joint Committee)

Training, Assessment and Quality Committee

The Training, Assessment and Quality Committee (TAQ) is one of the three standing committees of the Faculty.   It is responsible for ICM matters relating to the curriculum, assessment tools, the logbook, e-learning, examinations, specialty area training and quality assurance.

  • Dr Tom Gallacher (Chair)
  • Dr Chris Thorpe (Deputy Chair and Quality Lead)
  • Dr Andy Cohen (Chair of the Court of Examiners)
  • Dr Bernard Foex (PHEM Representative for ICM)
  • Dr Andy Gratrix (FICM ePorfolio Lead)
  • Dr Jane Howard (ACCS Representative for ICM)
  • Dr Liza Keating (PICM Representative for ICM)
  • Dr Carol Murdoch (Lead RA for Scotland)
  • Dr Richard Gould (FICM Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Mike Bannon (Co-optee: Lead Dean)
  • Dr Sarah Clarke (Deputy Lead RA in ICM)
  • Dr Elfyn Thomas (Co-optee: NACCSGBI Representative)

Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee

The Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee (CRW) is one of the three standing committees of the Faculty. It is responsible for ICM matters relating to the selection and recruitment, careers (including the FICM Career Strategy) and workforce (including the census, regional enagement meetings and workforce planning).

  • Dr Daniele Bryden (Chair)
  • Dr Jonathan Goodall (Deputy Chair - Careers Lead)
  • Dr Jack Parry-Jones (Deputy Chair - Workforce Lead)
  • Dr Rosalee Baruah (WICM Chair)
  • Dr Mark Carpenter
  • Dr Jerome Cockings
  • Dr Brian Cook (Representative for the Careers & Workforce Section: Scotland)
  • Dr Richard Gibbs
  • Dr  Andrew Ratcliffe (FICM Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Vijay Jagannathan
  • Dr Gary Wares
  • Dr Carole Murdoch (Representative for the Recruitment Section: Scotland)
  • Dr Michael Bannon (Co-optee: Lead Dean)
  • Dr Richard Butterworth (Co-optee: Representative for the Recruitment Section: JRCPTB)
  • Dr Helen Cugnoni (Co-optee: Representative for the Recruitment Section: RCEM)
  • Dr Anne Whaley (Co-optee: Representative for the Recruitment Section: RCoA)

ACCP Sub-Committee

The ACCP Sub-Committee (ACCPSC) reports to the FICMCRW and is responsible for all matters relating to Advanced Critical Care Practitioners, including the curriculum, the conference and CPD arrangements.

  • Ms Carole Boulanger (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Simon Gardner (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Ram Matsa
  • Ms Jane Poynter
  • Ms Helen Singh
  • Dr Andy Temple

Smaller and Specialist Units Advisory Group

The Smaller and Specialist Units Advisory Group (SSUAG) is a new advisory group to the Board and is responsible for ensuring the considerations of smaller and specialist units are central to Faculty business across training, standards and workforce.

  • Dr Chris Thorpe (Chair / Wales)
  • Dr Catriona Barr (Shetlands)
  • Dr Mike Fried (Scotland)
  • Dr Simon Gardner (ACTACC)
  • Dr Jeremy Groves (Central England)
  • Dr Roger Lightfoot (NACCSGBI)
  • Dr Ashraf Molokhia (Southern England)
  • Dr Ronan O’Hare (Northern Ireland)
  • Dr Jon Sturman (Northern England)

We are currently looking for 2 new members of SSUAG. Click here for more information .

Legal & Ethical Policy Unit

The Legal & Ethical Policy Unit (LEPU) is a joint initiative by the FICM and the Intensive Care Society and reports to the Joint Standards Committee.  It provides the FICM and ICS with advice and proactive guidance on legal and ethical matters.

  • Dr Chris Danbury (Chair)
  • Dr Rosie Baruah (Clinician)
  • Dr Danny Bryden (Clinician)
  • Mr Alex Ruck Keene (Barrister)
  • Mr Ben Troke (Solicitor)

ePortfolio Sub-Committee

The FICM ePortfolio Sub-Committee looks after the NES FICM e-Portfolio platform for trainees.  It reports to TAQ.

  • Dr Andy Gratrix (ePortfolio Lead)
  • Dr Pete Hersey (ePortfolio Deputy Lead)
  • Dr Melissa Evans (Trainee)
  • Dr Sarah Ng (Trainee)

FFICM Examination Sub-Committee

The FFICM Examination Sub-Committee (FESC) looks after the FFICM examination and reports to TAC.

  • Dr Andy Cohen (Chair)
  • Dr Vickie Robson (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Jeremy Bewley (MCQ Chair)
  • Dr Jerome Cockings (Audit Lead)
  • Dr Jeremy Cordingly (OSCE Chair)
  • Dr Gary Mills (SOE Chair)