New ICM ePortfolio

A new ePortfolio system for ICM training is in development. In this section you'll find updates on key documents, progress, dates, changes and how its implementation will affect you. We're constantly updating this page as and when we're able to provide up to date information, so please check back reguarly.

To ensure that we are developing the excellent Intensivists of tomorrow, our training and how we assess it must also evolve. Following a prolonged and concerted effort the FICM have developed a new curriculum for Intensive Care Medicine. Further information on this new curriculum (from our consultation in 2019) can be found here.

During this development we listened carefully to the needs of trainees. They told us that they wanted us to reduce the administrative burden of training, and wanted it to be easier to demonstrate capability across domains of practice. To meet these needs and the changes brought by the new curriculum we needed a new ePortfolio.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ (RCoA) Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) has been chosen as the new platform for the ICM ePortfolio.

The bespoke LLP was launched by the RCoA in August 2018 as a much enhanced upgrade on their former trainee ePortfolio system. The LLP is maintained and supported by an external supplier: Cyber-Duck and we have already started work with them on the new FICM ePortfolio.

The aim of integrating our ePortfolio in the LLP is to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly system for all ICM trainees (whether on dual or single CCT training programmes), enabling you to easily upload evidence and record your training. A fundamental change will be the use of High Level Learning Outcomes (HiLLOs) in this ePortfolio. These HiLLOs consolidate multiple areas of professional capability within a single domain, reducing the numbers of individual assessments needed to prove competence while offering greater flexibility and a more holistic view of clinical practice.

Dr Andy Gratrix, Clinical Lead for the ICM ePortfolio said:

“The Faculty’s aim with the move to a new ePortfolio platform is to make life easier for our trainees and trainers. We have already revised the curriculum to remove the necessity for trainees to complete 96 competencies per Stage of training, and we want to build a new streamlined ePortfolio to align with this.”

Having both the FICM and RCoA’s portfolios on the same platform will also help to future-proof the system, ensuring there is shared corporate knowledge for its development and maintenance. ICM/Anaesthesia dual CCT trainees will now only have to use one platform to record their training. Trainers and trainees who do not use the LLP for training in Anaesthesia will be given clear and simple guidance on recording their progress in the new ICM ePortfolio.

We want to make your lives easier. An intuitive new ePortfolio with streamlined assessments, greater flexibility and the ability to capture your clinical practice more holistically will help. This is an ongoing project and we will be updating you regularly on our progress. We will provide clear notice of any actions we may need you to take in future and we will ensure you are supported with these. When the project nears completion we will also be seeking volunteers for user testing so that we can make sure your new ePortfolio works well for you – a call for this will go out in due course.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us:

Any enquiries received will inform our FAQs.

Update 1 April 2021

We recently demonstrated the new ICM LLP at our Training Leadership Annual Meeting and recorded that session so it could be viewed publicly. Please see the video below that highlights the work completed so far; demonstrating the functionality of the new system.

NB: To view the video in full screen, please click here


Update 15 December 2020

In response to a letter we received from a group of ICM trainees regarding the selection of the new ePortfolio platform, in the interest of transparency FICMTAQ has produced a statement explaining the rationale behind the decision.

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