Appointments to the Court of Examiners of the Faculty examination shall normally be made annually by the FICM Board (BFICM) on the advice of the Training, Assessment and Quality Committee or its nominated representatives. The size of the Court of Examiners shall be determined by the BFICM on the advice of the Executive team.  Appointments shall be made for such a period as the BFICM may from time to time decide.

The application window to become a FFICM examiner is now CLOSED. 

The applicant should complete the application form in order to demonstrate that they meet all essential criteria as set out in the Person Specification (PS).  The role of an examiner is set out in the Job Description (JD), copy available on related downloads and can also be found at Appendix A of the Examiner Regulations.

Completed application forms should be submitted to contact@ficm.ac.uk 

A CV is not required.

Examiner specification  
Applicants shall be assessed against the FFICM Examiner PS. Throughout an examiners term of examinership they will be expected to adhere to the duties and responsibilities set out in the FFICM Examiner JD.  The JD and PS for examiners can be found on related downloads and at Appendix A and B of the FFICM Examination (Selection and Appointment of Examiners) Regulations (also available below).

Selection Procedures
After the closing date for applications the Executive team will compile a long-list of applicants who meet the essential criterias as set out in PS. Applicants rejected at this stage shall be informed in writing of the reasons and, if appropriate, shall be invited to re-apply when they become eligible.
Full details of the selection process can be found at Section 4 of the FFICM Examination (Selection and Appointment of Examiners) Regulations.

Term of Examinership and commitment
FFICM Examiners are expected to complete a term of 10 years Examinership and commit at least 7 days per academic year and have approval from their Trust to achieve this.

Probationary Year  
New examiners shall initially be appointed for a probationary period of 1 year (including a minimum of two examinations). 

No examiner shall take up their appointment until they have successfully completed a period of training approved by the BFICM.  Mandatory training includes:  Principles of assessment and taking part in mock exams. Examiners elect must observe each relevant exam component before examining independently.  Exam specific equality and diversity must be undertaken annually.  All examiners are subject to auditing and quality assurance of their performance.