The October 2020 FFICM oral examination and January 2021 MCQ are planned to go ahead. Given the uncertainty about lockdown, social distancing guidance and travel so far in advance,  the exact  format and location of the exam are currently under consideration and the potential oral exam dates are now 19-23 October 2020. Please review the October 2020 FFICM OSCE/SOE Candidate Information and October 2020 FFICM Remote Examination FAQs.

Please see our separate statement on advice for doctors in training on the new joint website.

Statement regarding exams


The FFICM Final examination can be taken at any point during Stage 2 of the training programme.  Eligibility to sit the FFICM Final examination is a pass in the Primary examination of one of the complementary specialty colleges. The examination comprises three sections: Multiple Choice Question examination (MCQ), Objective Structured Oral Examination (OSCE) and the Structured Oral Examination (SOE).  Candidates must pass the MCQ examination before they can take the OSCE/SOE examinations.  On first attempt, candidates must book both OSCE and SOE components of the examination.

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Information for candidates sitting the Final MCQ Exam


Information for candidates sitting the Final OSCE Exam


Information for candidates sitting the Final SOE Exam


Example questions from the FFICM Examination question bank