About The Faculty

What is the Faculty?

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine was founded in 2010 and has well over 3,500 members, making it the largest organisation of critical care medical professionals in the UK. The Faculty is the professional and statutory body for the specialty of intensive care medicine, the doctors who lead critical care services and Advanced Critical Care Practitioners, and includes Critical Care Pharmacists as members.

What is the Faculty’s vision?

The Faculty works on behalf of its members and our wider services to promote education and standards, influence and define national policy, and, most importantly, improve outcomes for our patients and their families.

Read our ten strategic aims to understand our complete vision.

How does the Faculty work?

The Faculty is led by an elected Board who plan the overall strategy of the Faculty along the lines of our 10 strategic aims.  Our Committees and Sub-Committees take forward the work streams of the Faculty across a large range of areas. Our managerial and administrative team co-ordinate the strategic, project and operational work of the Faculty.

Members of the Faculty are regularly engaged to get involved with Faculty work, including standing for roles and committee positions, representing the Faculty on projects, and all member surveys and consultations.  Including all our roles across examiners, Regional Advisors, Faculty Tutors, committee members and representatives, well over 500 members are actively engaged with the Faculty.  Hundreds more contribute regularly to our projects virtually.

We strive to ensure our discussion spaces are open, creative, inclusive and welcoming.  We hope you can be part of our journey.


How can I find out more about what the Faculty does?

You can read more about our work in our annual summary for members, Critical Works and in our publicly available newsletters, Critical Eye and Trainee Eye

If you are a healthcare professional, you can join the Faculty for our monthly e-newsletters on topical updates and up to minute details on opportunities to contribute to the growing work of the Faculty.


How can I join the Faculty?

Visit our membership page for details on how to join us.