Our Ten Strategic Aims

These are the ten strategic aims that define the work of the Faculty:

  1. Our primary focus.  To ensure that patients and their relatives are at the core of everything we do.
  2. Promoting the specialty and engaging with healthcare policy. We act as the voice of the specialty to governmental and other senior healthcare stakeholders through direct engagement, research initiatives and the media.  We work with our stakeholders across the four UK nations, across all the professions that make up the critical care team and with our colleagues at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to take these aims forward.
  3. Progressing the future of services. We take forward the specialty by undertaking national projects to improve, develop and expand our work.  You can read about our key initiative, Critical Futures, here.
  4. Recruiting and training the next generation of doctors. We work with the General Medical Council to set the standards for and quality assure the training and assessment of ICM doctors and provide a network of Regional Advisors and Tutors to manage training locally. We support the specialty by recruiting doctors in training, providing direct guidance to consultant appointment panels, and providing frameworks for undergraduate and foundation education.
  5. Improving critical care services. We improve critical care services for patients and their relatives by working with our partner organisations and government healthcare stakeholders to set standards of care.
  6. Developing the role of Advanced Critical Care Practitioners. We provide a professional home and set standards for training and education for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners.  We work with regulators and government to promote this new role.
  7. Supporting our members throughout their careers.  We support our members with guidance and support on areas as varied as revalidation and research awards.  We uphold the values of inclusivity, fairness and equality in all of our activities, including directly addressing inequalities through the work of initiatives such as Women in ICM and wider inclusivity and diversity issues through our Careers, Recruitment & Workforce Committee.  
  8. Supporting the specialty. We run regular information gathering exercises to ensure we have the most up to date information on workforce and are able to engage with stakeholders effectively.  We guarantee that all the areas of our specialty have a voice that we can learn from, including by open consultation and via groups like our Smaller and Specialist Units Advisory Group.  Our Legal & Ethical Policy Unit ensure the Faculty and our specialty stay abreast of all key issues in these important areas.
  9. Protecting patients. We contribute to patient safety by encouraging the learning of lessons and developing and endorsing guidance to promote effective and safe care.
  10. Providing education and communication. We help our members and the specialty by providing opportunities for continuing professional development and education, through events, conferences and e-learning.  We keep them informed about the latest healthcare developments through our bulletins and e-newsletters.

Interested in applying to join the Board and help us achieve our 10 aims? The FICM Board election has 3 vacancies for terms commencing November 2020.

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