No, it may not. The regulations laid down by the GMC stipulate that no overseas training can be retrospectively counted toward a UK CCT. Both the Faculty and the GMC must prospectively approve any overseas training. It would be possible for overseas time to be counted were you to apply for a CESR/CESR-CP in ICM; once a CESR/CESR-CP has been obtained, the candidate can gain entry onto the GMC Specialist Register for that specialty.

Since the formation of PMETB and its subsequent merger with the GMC, the FICM no longer directly approves training posts. The GMC approves training programmes, such as that for the ICM CCT. It does this with "specialty input". The GMC will not approve a trust to run a training programme without agreement from the specialty in question.  Support and approval is obtained from the ICM Regional Advisor by submission of the forms to the Deanery. The Deanery should then apply directly to the GMC to have the sites considered for approval. Your RA will not rotate you through a post that he/she does not believe will provide the required training standard for the programme. Simply put, if your ICM RA has rotated you to a certain post, it is approved by the FICM, via the RA as the Faculty's agent. The GMC now have a list of all approved sites on their website, please click here.