The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is 10 this year! To celebrate FICM’s first decade, the Faculty have many exciting projects on the horizon and the hub for this is here, on the dedicated FICM10 page.

FICM Timeline: 2010-2020

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@FICMNews currently has over 7000 followers and regularly uses Twitter to update our members and the general public about our various workstreams and ICM news. However, Twitter isn't just for updates and over the course of 2020 we're introducing some new themes:

#FICM10 - For all FICM10 related project and events, such as... 

The FICM 'Did You Know' series - Filled with FICM facts and figures.

Look out for the light bulb on your Twitter feed to see more FICM Did You Know facts

#ICMand - You may have seen our #DiscoverICM series that focuses on what those working in critical care love about their jobs. ICMand is going to highlight the lives and hobbies of the workforce outside of the ICU. It's important to celebrate what you do to relax for some work/life balance. We want to paint a bigger picture of the workforce and we’d like to build up a bit of a bank before we start releasing this new series. So what is your 'and?' Perhaps you're a keen kite-surfer or photographer, maybe you reckon you make the best brownies or craft beer in the UK? We'd like to celebrate this!

If you'd like to be part of #ICMand here's how...

Email the Faculty with:

  • A colour picture of a smiley selfie 
  • A picture of you taking part in your hobby or a picture of something you’ve made from your hobby
  • A sentence about why you enjoy this hobby/why it’s important to you. It doesn’t need to be particularly complicated. E.g ‘I love singing in my local choir, it’s uplifting and fun’ but of course this can be longer if you like.


Projects and Prizes

The Tim Evans Essay Prize 

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Tim Evans Essay Prize:

Theme 1: How do we put the patient and their relatives at the focus of everything we do whilst looking after our staff?
Winner: Tobias MIll

Theme 2: What contributions can new workforce groups make to patient care in the future?
Winner: Omar Salim

Theme 3: How would you argue for a post in intensive care medicine being an essential component of every Foundation rotation in the UK?
Winner: Sarah Shuker

Theme 4: What should a future critical care service be doing to provide a safe, sustainable service to patients?
Winner: Bennett Choy

And the overall winner who recieves the Tim Evans Essay Award prize is Sarah Shuker.

Please click here to read all of the winning essays.

ICM Trainer Award

The Trainer Recognition Award was launched last year. We asked trainees to nominate an ICM trainer who had contributed to their training and/or trainee welfare. We received 20 nominations and we want to congratulate all of those nominated for your hard work.

Dr Andrew Campbell from Wrexham Maelor Hospital is our worthy winner. Congratulations Dr Campbell!


Critical Aims:

A series of collaborative statements with our partners will be released over the next 10 months.

The first Critical Aim: Accessible, high quality education for the critical care community, has been released.

The second  'Critical Aims: Conflict resolution', has been released.

See the third Critical Aim here: 'Enhanced Care: Bridging the gap between the ward and critical care to ensure patients receive the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time and by the right people'. 



Events in 2020

All events from April-July 2020 are either cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Please check out the Events page for more detailed information. 


Recycling: A New Look

Along with our new logo and rebranding, we've also revamped our merch! Recyclable pens and notebooks made from recycled paper. You'll see these at our events and courses!