2019 Meeting: Striking the Balance

Event information

Date: Fri, 27/09/2019

Location: Royal College of Anaesthetists, London

Fee: £195 (£140 for Trainees)

CPD Credits Approved: 5

Availability: Open. Please click here

Event Code: H98

Event Organiser(s):

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine with support from the Women in Intensive Care Medicine Subcommittee

Chair: Dr Rosie Baruah

Dept Chair: Dr Suzy O’Neill


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A fantastic opportunity for ICM specialists to connect and attend informative and engaging lectures and workshops.

The content of the meeting will cover topics suitable for all those working in ICM. It may be particularly useful for educational supervisors and those involved in clinical supervision of trainees, and ICM trainees and consultants who may have felt they are not a ‘typical intensivist’. Please join us for what we are sure will be an invaluable and enjoyable day!



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Parent - Child Room

There will be a parent-child room available on the day. This is not a crèche and any attendee bringing a child to the meeting must remain with their child at all times. The parent-child room will be a lecture breakaway space for those unable to find childcare but who still wish to attend the meeting. We appreciate that small children may need time away from the lectures and workshops and the parent-child room is designed to allow for this without you missing any content. The interactive afternoon workshops will not be live-streamed but the parent-child room will remain available.

There is also a breastfeeding room available for attendees needing a quieter space.

WICM recognises that the nature of conferences must change to allow for the mobility of parents. It is our aim to provide fuller childcare facilities at future WICM events and we hope the success of this event will allow us to do so.

The parent-child room will have:

  • Seating and a live stream of the lectures
  • Toys for ages 2 and under (the toys will have been professionally sterilised beforehand)
  • 3 small play mats and some soft furnishings

Attendees will be expected to bring; changing, food and medical supplies for their child as needed. 

All attendees intending to use the parent-child room must contact Lucy Rowan lrowan@ficm.ac.uk to confirm they wish to use the facilities.



If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at wicm@ficm.ac.uk  

We look forward to seeing you there.