Annual Review for Accredited Sites

On the anniversary of your accreditation, you will be asked to submit several brief up-to-date reports to show continued compliance against the ACCP Curriculum and original accreditation report. This is essentially the evidence bundle you completed for your initial visit, but on a smaller scale and the FICM Panel will advise you which elements you are required to submit evidence for. We will also ask you to include further detail on any areas that were marked as ‘met with conditions’.

Once returned, this evidence will be reviewed by the ACCP Accreditation Panel. If accepted, you will be deemed compliant for year 2 of your accreditation cycle.

The process highlighted above will repeat at years 2 and 3 in the same way, against the latest evidence checklist and curriculum at that time. It is therefore recommended that you schedule an internal annual review for years 2 and 3 before being required to submit this additional evidence to us. After 3 full years, the accreditation cycle starts again with an onsite visit.