Associate Fellowship

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is pleased to receive applications for Associate Fellowship from doctors who are not full Fellows of one of the FICM trustee colleges (though they may have an Associate-equivalent affiliation with a trustee college, such as Associate Fellowship of the RCoA).  Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below and in the attached application form before applying. If you are a full Fellow of a trustee college, you should apply for Fellowship by Assessment.

Associate Fellowship is open to medical practitioners holding a substantive or honorary NHS or Defence Medical Services consultant post in the United Kingdom with a sessional or other contracted daytime clinical commitment to Intensive Care Medicine and who are not full Fellows of one of the FICM trustee colleges, and have successfully completed a national specialty examination in ICM (which may include the European Diploma of Intensive Care) or in the specialty of the Faculty’s Trustee Colleges or Paediatrics (for those undertaking Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine). For the definition of daytime clinical commitment, please see Appendix D in the application form below.

The applicant may have an Associate-equivalent affiliation with but must not be a full Fellow of one of the Colleges below:

The Royal College of Physicians of London [RCP London]
The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh [RCP Edinburgh]
The Royal College of Surgeons of England [RCS England]
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh [RCS Edinburgh]
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow [RCPSG]
The Royal College of Emergency Medicine [RCem]
The Royal College of Anaesthetists [RCoA]
The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH)


Please Note:  FICM Associate Fellows with an Associate-level affiliation with one of the above trustee colleges (such as Associate Fellowship of the RCoA) will pay a lower subscription rate than those with no trustee college affiliation.  This is because the FICM receives financial support from its trustee colleges for facilities and services; single registrants must therefore contribute to these costs as already subsidised by those with dual fellowships.

Rights and privileges
Associate Fellowship confers the following rights and privileges:

  • use of the post-nominal AFICM and the description 'Associate Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine'
  • to attend, speak and vote at General Meetings of the Faculty
  • to vote in Faculty elections respective to any residential qualifications
  • to be appointed to Committees, Working Parties and other groups of the Faculty
  • to be nominated by the Faculty under the auspices of the Royal College of Anaesthetists for appointment to any Advisory Appointment Committee
  • to be appointed to a Court of Examiners
  • to be appointed a Regional Advisor in Intensive Care Medicine or Faculty Tutor
  • to use the facilities of the RCoA buildings
  • to attend available Faculty events
  • to benefit from the arrangements organised by the Faculty for participating in Continuing Professional Development

Subscription rates can be found here. Associate Fellows with an affiliation to the Royal College of Anaesthetists will have their subscription date (either April or October) alternated with their College subscription. All other applicants will have a subscription date dependent on when their application form is received.

Subscriptions last from the billing dates of April to April and October to October and are not time limited depending on the financial year. As an example, a doctor who applies in February 2016 will be billed for Fellowship in April 2016. They will not be billed again until April 2017.

If you have any problems or queries regarding your application please contact the Faculty

Application form
Please click the links below for the Associate Fellowship application form, Equal Opportunties Monitoring form and accompanying Direct Debit instructions.

Please Note: The application form must be submitted electronically via 

From Thursday 17 May 2018 the Faculty will not be accepting the old forms.