Core, Foundation and Medical Student

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is pleased to receive applications for Core, Foundation and Medical Student Membership. This registration route is open to NHS trainee doctors. Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below and the information in the application form (which can be found at the bottom of this page) before applying.  If you are not eligible for Core, Foundation and Medical Student Membership, please refer to our other membership routes.

To apply, you must be a:

  • Medical Student
  • Foundation Trainee Doctor
  • Core Trainee Doctor in one of the following programmes:
    • Acute Care Common Stem
    • Core Anaesthetic Training
    • Core Medical / Internal Medicine Training


Rights and privileges include the following: 

  • to attend available Faculty events;
  • to receive any publications and e-publications of the Faculty, including newsletters and updates;
  • to receive benefits catered to pre-specialist trainee doctor members.



Subscription rates can be found here. Current Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Anaesthetists will have their subscription date (either April or October) alternated with their College subscription. All other applicants will have a subscription date dependent on when their application form is received.

Subscriptions last from the billing dates of April to April and October to October and are not time-limited depending on the financial year. As an example, a doctor who applies in February 2019 will be billed for Core, Foundation and Medical Student Membership in April 2019. They will not be billed again until April 2020.



If you have any problems or queries regarding your application please contact the Faculty at


Application form

Please click the links below for the Core, Foundation and Medical Student Registration form and the Equality, Diversity Inclusion form.

NB:  The application form must be submitted electronically via