ICM Affiliate Trainees

This category of membership is open to trainees undertaking blocks of ICM outside the ICM CCT programme.  If you are a trainee who has been appointed to an ICM CCT programme, please click here

Please click here for Trainee routes of entry to the Faculty.

Affiliate Trainee registration is open to Specialty Registrars undertaking postgraduate training enrolled in a UK CCT programme from ST3, where that CCT programme is not Intensive Care Medicine but is an ICM partner specialty overseen by an FICM trustee college.

Affiliate Fellowship
Affiliate Trainees are eligible to apply for Affiliate Fellowship of the Faculty upon completion of appropriate training in Intensive Care Medicine. This training must:

  • be completed outside the UK ICM CCT programme but within an ICM partner specialty UK training programme;
  • be confirmed in writing by the appropriate Regional Advisor in ICM to be commensurate with either:
    • Intermediate level ICM as described by the curriculum for a Joint CCT in Intensive Care Medicine (if entered Higher Specialist Training before August 2012); or
    • Stage 1 ICM as described by the curriculum for a standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine (if entered Higher Specialist Training after August 2012)

Affiliate Trainees who achieve Affiliate Fellowship are eligible to apply to sit the FFICM Examination.

Affiliate Trainee status is open only to non-ICM CCT trainees; Affiliate Trainees must either achieve Affiliate Fellowship or resign their Affiliate Trainee status upon achieving a CCT in their partner specialty.

Rights and privileges of Affiliate Trainees

  • to attend available Faculty events;
  • to receive any newsletter or other similar publication produced by the Faculty;
  • to benefit from any training arrangements as organised by the Faculty.

Registration Fees
The subscription rate for Affiliate Trainees can be found here. Trainee anaesthetists paying an annual training fee to the Royal College of Anaesthetists will have their subscription date (either April or October) alternated with their College payment.  All other applicants will have a subscription date dependent on when their application form is received. 

Subscriptions last from the billing dates of April to April and October to October and are not time limited depending on the financial year.  

If you have any problems or queries regarding your application please contact the Faculty.

Application form

Please click the links below for the Affiliate Trainee registration form and accompanying Equality, Diversity and Inclusion form.

Previous 'General Registration' registrants
Non-ICM CCT trainees who have previously submitted a 'General Registration form' to the Faculty (or the IBTICM) before August 2012 do not have to re-register as Affiliate trainees in order to continue their training, but the Faculty would encourage them to do so as the prior IBTICM system does not automatically convey trainee membership of the Faculty or the rights and privileges detailed above.  If a prior General Registration trainee wishes to take the FFICM Examination then they must be registered as an Affiliate Fellow of the Faculty.  Previous 'General Registration' trainees wishing to register as Affiliate Trainees must complete the application form in full; however they do not need their application form to be counter-signed by their ICM Regional Advisor, as confirmation of their undertkaing of ICM training has been given previously.  However, all other areas of the form should be completed.

If you are not sure if you previously registered under 'General Registration', please contact the Faculty.