Trainee Routes of Entry to the FICM

There are two methods by which trainees may register with the FICM.  These membership routes have evolved from the previous methods by which trainees undertaking ICM training would register with the Faculty’s predecessor, the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Intensive Care Medicine.

Trainees who may register with the Faculty fall into two distinct categories:

  • ICM CCT Trainees

These are trainees who have been appointed, via open competition, to a programme culminating in the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training in ICM.  This can be either the new standalone CCT in ICM or the outgoing Joint CCT programme.

These trainees should complete an ICM CCT Trainee Form. 

ICM CCT trainees will then progress through their CCT programme; after completing Stage 1 training they will be awarded a Stage 1 Training Certificate.   Whilst in Stage 2 ICM, they must pass the FFICM Final examination.  Upon completion of Stage 3 training, they are then awarded their ICM CCT.

  • ICM Affiliate Trainees

These are trainees who are completing blocks of ICM training outside the ICM CCT programme, who wish to have this training subsequently recognised via membership of the Faculty.   This route was formerly known as General Registration – this has now come to an end.

These trainees should complete an Affiliate Trainee Registration Form

Affiliate Trainees will continue in their parent CCT, acquiring blocks of ICM training which should be in line with the policies and systems of the Faculty and signed off FICM Tutors and Regional Advisors. 

Affiliate Trainees will be eligible for Affiliate Fellowship of the Faculty upon completion of training commensurate with either:

  • Stage 1 level ICM (as defined by the standalone CCT in ICM) if the trainee entered Higher Specialist Training after 1 August 2012.
  • Intermediate level ICM (as defined by the Joint CCT in ICM)if the trainee entered Higher Specialist Training before 1 August 2012.

Once Affiliate Trainees are confirmed as Affiliate Fellows they may apply to sit the FFICM examination. Please note that there are no post-nominals associated with Affiliate Fellowship.

Affiliate Trainee status is only open to doctors in training.  Affiliate Trainees must either achieve Affiliate Fellowship or resign their Affiliate Trainee status upon gaining their parent specialty CCT.