Advanced Critical Care Practitioners

30 November 2016

In light of some potential for confusion with other professional  groups using similar titles, this statement has been prepared by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) to clarify the professional designation of an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP).

The ACCP role is supported/endorsed by the FICM as a valuable workforce solution for Critical Care across the UK. The title ACCP is associated with a clearly defined knowledge, skill and competency set as evidenced by successful completion of the FICM ACCP curriculum 2015, and has been defined since the 2008 National Education and Competence Framework for ACCPs. The Faculty awards FICM Associate Member status to ACCPs whose applications fully meet the criteria relating to this advanced practice role undertaken within  the hospital critical care setting to include critical care led and managed inter- hospital transfers.

No other roles have this professional designation. Most Trusts/Health Boards are training their own ACCPs and will ensure assessment for Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Associate Membership is a fundamental part of the completion of that programme. However, where employers are advertising externally for trained ACCPs, employers need to establish that they are recruiting colleagues trained to this National standard. We strongly recommend that the recruitment process ensures applicants have successfully achieved FICM Associate Membership status.