Approval of curriculum derogations for ARCP - update from the GMC

17 July 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic the GMC, Statutory Education Bodies (SEBs) of the four nations, and Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties have recognised there are many challenges facing trainees and trainers, and we have been working together to offer as much support as possible on these issues whilst maintaining the quality and effectiveness of UK training.

The Faculty submitted a proposal to the GMC who subsequently approved some temporary ICM curriculum derogations (see our training update for details) to support trainee progression at ARCP in light of the impacts of the crisis. These sought to reduce the burden on trainees, trainers and the health services, enabling as many trainees as possible to progress at the normal rate whilst ensuring patient safety would not be compromised.

The initial approval of these proposals covered the period from May – August 2020 to enable the immediate impact of the pandemic to be addressed. However, it has become clear that the impacts of Covid-19 will continue to be felt for a significant period of time beyond this date. The GMC therefore intends that the approved derogations will continue to apply during the period of major disruption to training, and they will only look to remove these following engagement with the SEBs and wider system. They have updated their published position to reflect this and this will be kept under periodic review.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.