#BetterTogether: The Critical Care Team – Rapid induction for critical care during COVID-19

1 April 2020

We are living in unprecedented times as we step up our efforts to provide the most optimum, safe care to our patients during the global COVID-19 crisis. As doctors, nurses and allied healthcare workers, we want to help our patients while supporting each other to the best of our abilities. The emerging evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic is that, in the absence of any curative option, the best outcome for our patients will be prompt, organised, systematic supportive care. This is especially true in the critically unwell patient and with appropriate support and guidance this can be delivered by doctors who do not routinely work in critical care. It is vitally important for non-specialists to appreciate a different way of working.

#BetterTogether: The Critical Care Team been created by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, to support local providers in identifying the training needs and available resources to support deployment of other medical staff groups (e.g. surgical staff) into critical care areas.

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