COVID Skills Passport – coming soon!

21 July 2020

The Faculty have been keen to recognise and acknowledge the contributions made during the COVID-19 pandemic by many members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT). In particular, trainees who were deployed into Critical Care areas, joined rotas, used existing skills, and cross-skilled as abilities and supervision permitted.

To this end we are intending to launch a COVID skills passport in the coming days. This will allow us to formally thank individuals, and recognise time and experience spent in Critical Care. It is intended that Intensive Care consultants and relevant senior supervisors (for AHPs/nurses), who have worked with an individual during their redeployment in COVID-19, will counter-sign this document of acknowledgement.

There will be an additional section, whereby trainees/AHPs/nurses can self-declare experiences and skills. It is important to note that this is not a curriculum based competency sign off, and there will be no requirement of any formal assessment of such. It will be down to individuals to complement their self-certifications of experiences in their portfolios along with formal training requirements according to their specialty training programme. 

More information will be published soon, but your support in signing a COVID passport will be very much appreciated, by those trainees and individuals, in all professions, who stepped up into Critical Care across the 4 nations in the surge.

This document is intended to support the Critical Care community with any second surges, as we require to redeploy personnel again. A COVID passport will facilitate the cross-skilling and gap analyses in this scenario.