Critical Futures: A Report on the First Wave Survey

31 October 2017

Critical Futures is a long term project commissioned through the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.  Its aim is to take forward a suite of work streams that analyse and respond to anticipated changes and pressures on critical care and related services. 

The Faculty is pleased to launch the first step on this journey, Critical Futures: A Report on the First Wave Survey

This first report analyses the findings of a detailed survey among the critical care community and describes a number of recommendations for projects that will begin to address the issues raised in the survey and consider potential solutions.

Dr Carl Waldmann, Dean of the Faculty welcomes the report:

“For many in the critical care community, the findings of this survey will not come as a surprise, nor mark a sea change in how we view ourselves as a specialty.  The complexities and difficulties that many services either currently face or will face in the coming years, have been discussed in coffee rooms, seminars and local meetings up and down the country for some time.  What this report does is present a very clear and prioritised framework of recommendations, based on the views of those that make up our community that can be reasonably addressed through agreed work streams.

The Faculty cannot undertake this alone and we look forward to working with our many partners in other organisations (in critical care, in related specialties and national governmental bodies) to take these work streams forward.”

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