Dean and Vice Dean Election Results 2019

6 August 2019

We are delighted to announce that Dr Alison Pittard and Dr Daniele Bryden have successfully been elected as the new FICM Dean and Vice Dean respectively. They will begin their terms of office on the 30 October 2019.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been elected as the next FICM Dean. I have thoroughly enjoyed being Vice Dean for the last 3 years and still feel I have a lot to give, so to have the support of my colleagues on the Board is incredible. 2020 is our 10th anniversary and I am really excited to celebrate all that we have achieved so far and to develop our vision for the next 10 years. We hope to collaborate with other organisations (who also have anniversaries next year) to open up more opportunities. I couldn’t think of a better Vice Dean than Danny to share my tenure with and of course the incredible Faculty team who will keep us on the straight and narrow.

I am passionate about safety and quality, and ensuring that patients are the focus of everything that we do. Our workforce is vital for this and Danny, as current chair of the Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee (CRW), has the expertise to lead us forward. I believe that over the last few years we have really established ourselves as an independent specialty; we have fought off the threat of credentialing and we will have a new curriculum in the near future, so I think the time is right to consider where we go next. Our work on the Critical Futures initiative, for which I am pleased to be leading the Enhanced Care workstream, is helping us to define our future as a multiprofessional service.

I hope, even though I hold the position of Dean that you will all feel that you can contact me, either directly or via the Faculty team. Danny and I will take any concerns, requests and suggestions seriously. Without our Fellows and Members we wouldn’t exist, so please continue to help us grow.”

Dr Alison Pittard, Dean Elect


“I very much appreciate the trust that the FICM Board have placed in me to work with Alison, and I wholeheartedly support her vision for the future.

Looking forward as part of Critical Futures to develop our service is right for our patients and the specialty, as ICM is now an integral part of so many service developments and therapeutic pathways. Moreover, those that work within ICM to treat and plan patient care also come from increasingly diverse backgrounds. Through my CRW work, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with many Fellows and Members and hope that these opportunities will continue to allow me to keep ‘an ear to the ground’ as Vice Dean.

I would like to continue rolling out the good work that the CRW committee has started in reflecting that diversity, so that those of us working in ICM look forward from the 2020 celebrations to a future for our patients and specialty that ensures we are at the heart of national developments and lead the way in guidance and support for local services.”

Dr Daniele Bryden, Vice Dean Elect