December Election: Comment from the Dean

19 November 2019

December Election: Comment from the Dean


"In the run up to the election, we have seen and will continue to see a number of promises from all parties about increased funding to the NHS.  As a member of the Academy we have signed up to their joint election statement and its call for the next government to have a clear and sustainable commitment to addressing the NHS’s resource and workforce issues long-term.  As a Faculty, we hope that part of this commitment is to focus on effective cross-specialty resource and workforce planning, recognising the needs of specialties like critical care where patient need is growing and a review of future provision is essential.  The Welsh Government has been the first health service in the UK to understand the importance of undertaking a full funded review of critical care resources.


As a specialty, we have clearly outlined our priorities through Critical Futures and we will continue to promote the specialty with key national stakeholders into the next government’s term."

Dr Alison Pittard