FICM and HEE launch COVID Skills Passport

28 July 2020

The entire intensive care community is keen to acknowledge the contributions made during the COVID-19 pandemic by many members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT). In particular, those who were deployed into Critical Care areas, joined rotas, used existing skills, and cross-skilled as abilities and supervision permitted.

The Faculty understands that for medical trainees, nurses and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who do not generally work in Critical Care, getting recognition for any new or added ICM skills obtained during the pandemic can be problematic. In conjunction with Health Education England (HEE), we have developed a ‘COVID Passport’ to help those individuals get the recognition they deserve.


What is the COVID Passport?

The Passport is comprised of two sections:

  1. Care Packs: Each ‘Care Pack’ contains examples of skills and work undertaken during deployment to Critical Care that individuals can denote that they have completed. This section is counter-signed by a supervisor in ICM (this may be a consultant, charge nurse, senior AHP or line manager, as appropriate) to certify that the health professional has worked in these general areas to the denoted level of supervision.
  1. Skills Self-Certification: Specific skills developed can be delineated further, in the ‘COVID-19 Skills Passport Clarification’ section of the document. This will provide future employers and trainers with more detail on individual attainments. Please note that this section is entirely self-certified and is not signed-off by an ICM supervisor.

What if ICM is already part of my curriculum?

For medical/ACCP trainees working in specialties with Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) as part of their curricula, any curriculum competencies gained during this time can be recognised and signed off as part of their respective training programmes, subject to approval from educational supervisors and completion of any required assessments.

Does this Passport equate to curriculum competency sign-off?

It is important to note that the Passport does not constitute sign-off of curriculum competencies and there is no requirement of any formal assessment of such. The Faculty is not able to offer direct competency sign-off for other specialist curricula. HEE is making representations to the GMC as to how competencies gained during COVID might be more directly counted toward training.

How can I get these competencies counted toward my training?

Individuals must complement their self-certifications of experiences in their portfolios along with formal training requirements according to their specialty training programme. The Passport does not replace formal assessments in the respective specialties but can then be used as evidence for Annual Review of Competency Progressions/portfolios and be reviewed with Educational Supervisors to help accelerate sign-off of any relevant curriculum competencies.

What if there is another surge of the pandemic?

The Passport is also intended to support the Critical Care community with any further surges, as we require to redeploy personnel again. A COVID Passport will facilitate the cross-skilling and gap analyses in this scenario and should minimise colleagues being asked to repeat training/attain skills already completed.

The Faculty greatly appreciates the support provided to Critical Care during this difficult time and would like to formally thank all the fantastic doctors, nurses, pharmacists and AHPs that have helped out through the pandemic.

Further queries

Should you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Evaluation of online resources to support staff being redeployed into critical care during the pandemic

The London Transformation and Learning Collaborative (LTLC) has worked in partnership with Health Education England eLearning for Healthcare (HEE eLfH) to develop a range of resources to support staff being redeployed into critical care during the pandemic. The LTLC Adult Critical Care programme was a new way to deliver education across a wide range of professionals and NHS Trusts and the team is keen to collect users’ feedback.

Learners are invited to evaluate the programme by completing this brief online survey. The questionnaire should take 5 – 10 minutes.