The FICM is looking for a picture logo...

8 March 2019

Background to the current logo

The current logo consists of the text ‘The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine’ in teal (colour) and Candara (font) (as below).  We have established teal as the FICM colour (with green and turquoise as background colours).  We stopped using the crests and logos of our 8 parent Colleges, due to the various dimensions of the College crests and logos and incurring resolution and formatting problems when needing to use a smaller version. 

We would like to involve our members in this work and are therefore looking for a ‘picture’ logo which can be used by itself and to accompany the existing text.  We are calling on members of the Faculty to submit concepts for a logo to help the Board decide which direction to take in the final logo design. 

Release your inner Caravaggio or Kahlo and send your ideas to by 8 April 2019!


How does the FICM perceive itself?

The Board discussed this in detail and agreed that a logo...


  • Look modern and dynamic
  • Be applicable to all branches and disciplines of critical care
  • Carry gravitas (not too informal)
  • Not reduce the specialty purely to machines or single facets of the specialty
  • Be kept simple and clean with a meaning that does not need explaining


  • Use the concept of working together to restore health
  • Use images of health
  • Use the concept of 24/7 365 service and holistic approach to care


Example designs and branding already in use by the Faculty


How a new Faculty logo will be used?

  • On the website/Twitter and on press releases/position statements.
  • On our own documents and where we endorse other documents.
  • On events advertising materials and programmes.


Any Questions? … Drop us a line at