FICM position statement on sustainable senior doctor working patterns during COVID-19 pandemic

30 April 2020

FICM have produced a statement outlining considerations regarding sustainable working by senior intensive care doctors and Advanced Critical Care Practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic, endorsed by the UKCPA.  Please click here for full statement.


5 Key Messages 

  1. The impact on critical care services and staff during the Covid period has been considerable and is still ongoing. Planning for reintroduction of NHS activity must consider how this relates to use of an ICM service which is still stretched nationally. 
  2. Job plans and working patterns that have been changed to respond to the pandemic must not be assumed to continue to operate unchanged in order to facilitate the reintroduction of increased NHS activity. 
  3. Active senior input from parent teams into considering escalation decisions prior to critical care referral (as per NICE guidance NG 159) should be retained as it improves patient care and supports the hard pressed ICM workforce. 
  4. Reconfiguration changes developed as part of the response to Covid 19 should be kept under review in order to respond swiftly to any increase in demand on the workforce whether from Covid or other increased NHS activity. 
  5. The burden of 24 hour working shouldered by senior ICM doctors and other individuals in a clinical leadership role during the pandemic response should not be continued to facilitate service delivery alone.