FICM responds to the Secretary of State's priorities for the NHS

20 July 2018

The Faculty welcomes the initial top 3 priorities for the NHS confirmed by Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

The £487 million commitment of funding for technology is a positive step.  The NHS needs to ensure it has the technological development to support patients, relatives and healthcare professionals through every patient journey.

Investment in illness prevention should help with the number of patients requiring critical care services so should help to improve patient flow. At the same time, we would like to see more investment in rehabilitation services for those patients that have experienced critical illness. This ensures the that the resources put into patient care whilst critically ill are matched by resources aimed to ensure the patient gets back, to as near as possible, their pre-illness health.

Lastly, and of central importance, is the commitment to workforce.  The Faculty has taken forward a suite of activities regarding workforce considerations in the specialty, as have our partner nursing organisations.  Including, regional workforce engagements, a detailed workforce data bank and considerations of critical care capacity.  We hope this new focus on workforce requirements, including how to retain, support and value NHS staff, will bring dividends for the whole health service.

We have written to Mr Hancock with information about the critical care workforce and expect our previous work with the DHSC, NHSE and other national organisations to have raised the profile of critical care at a key time.