FICM response to Dr Bawa-Garba's Court of Appeal decision

13 August 2018

Dr Bawa-Garba has won her appeal and will be restored to the Medical Register.


The FICM Dean, Dr Carl Waldmann, said today:

“The NHS must be a place where people feel able to reflect openly and clearly on their mistakes in a culture of learning rather than of blame.  This essential process helps to make our health service a safer place.  We hope this judgement will provide some reassurance to colleagues, especially those in training, that personal reflection will not leave them at risk.

The GMC, with input from the Academy, is taking forward much needed work related to this area, including the review of medical manslaughter.  We will continue to contribute actively to this.

Ultimately, a family and their loss are at the heart of this tragic case.  Our thoughts remain with them.

Dr Carl Waldmann, Dean FICM