FICM to strengthen links with Critical Care Pharmacists

10 June 2020

The Faculty is incredibly pleased in our 10th year to strengthen links with Critical Care Pharmacy. This follows very positive discussions with pharmacy leads over the last few months and agreement by our Board to make this future investment for the good of our services.

Critical Care Pharmacists are essential to the safe and effective running of critical care services, supporting patients and improving outcomes. They form a central part of the multi-professional team, optimising medication therapy, improving quality and safety by resolving errors and undertaking wider professional activities.

In 2014, the Faculty became the professional home of Advanced Critical Care Practitioners. This has been an enormously beneficial relationship and has seen the development of a curriculum, wider education, professional standards and senior NHS engagement. It has strengthened both the ACCP community and their national standing as well as the Faculty as it expands and develops. We look forward to undertaking similar work with the Critical Care Pharmacy community.

In July this year, we will launch a separate Pharmacist Member category, which is aligned to that of an ACCP Member. By the late Autumn we will have set up a Pharmacy Sub-Committee of the Faculty which will be tasked with bringing together a strategic plan for both Pharmacy’s work streams within the Faculty and methods for Pharmacists to take a closer role in the Faculty’s other activities. Applications for the Sub-Committee will be widely announced.


Whilst the current pandemic has presented many difficulties for our specialty, in areas such as drug shortages and workforce sustainability, it has shown how the Faculty and the Pharmacy community can be stronger and better informed when we work as one. I am very happy to be welcoming the Pharmacy community to the Faculty and to the Board.  I would like to recognise the huge amount of work the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association and its Critical Care Group has done for Critical Care Pharmacy.  I look forward to working with them going forward.

Alison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

I am excited by the creation of the pharmacist membership category within the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. This mutually beneficial step formalises and strengthens an important relationship between critical care pharmacists and the Faculty. The UKCPA Critical Care Group shares the Faculty's vision of promoting education and standards, influencing and defining national policy, and through these, improving outcomes for patients and their families. On behalf of the UKCPA, I look forward to working closely with the Faculty and for our voices and insights to directly contribute to the Faculty’s strategic aims. This is an important step for clinical pharmacy as we seek to continually develop and strengthen the UK workforce required in critical care to achieve the best outcomes for our patients

Greg Barton, Chair of UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Critical Care Group

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