FICM supports Doctors' Download

10 July 2019

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with the Professional Records Standards Body have launched brand new digital engagement initiative, The Doctors' Download.

The aim of Doctors' Download is to engage the whole of the medical profession in a debate about their digital experiences and expectations. This will then inform ongoing work into Building a Digital Ready Workforce.

The Faculty fully supports the Doctors' Download project as we recognise the importance of further integrating technology into the NHS and in order to do this, understanding the medical workforce's current everyday use, concerns and ideas about their digital experience.

Doctors' Download Goals

To hear from:

  • From all sectors, all specialties and at all stages or their career pathway.
  • From doctors who haven’t engaged in the debate about digital and healthcare (for example, because they don’t think it’s relevant or haven’t found the right forum).
  • From across the UK.

To aim to:

  • Have a clear evidence base about doctors’ perceptions and views.
  • Identify if there are any significant differences in views (for example between views based on demographics, or specialty or geography). 
  • Understand key messages be from the medical profession to more effectively lobby government.
  • Understand what insights can be drawn from the conversation about the needs of doctors and how the Academy and the Medical Royal Colleges can best support members, for example through support materials, education and training.

How does it work?

Via anonymised online workshops, all those contributing to the Doctors' Download will be able to share experience, views and insights through free text comments and votes. Doctors' Download will digitally crowdsource the online workshops to build up an evidence base about the digital experiences of UK doctors.

How can I get involved

Go to and register your interest

E-mail any queries to

Remember the conversation closes at the end of July