FICM welcomes the publication of the NHS Interim People Plan

3 June 2019

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine welcomes the publication of the NHS Interim People Plan. Some of the proposals align well with workstreams we are undertaking, including leadership, lifelong careers and training flexibility (through the curriculum review).

It is positive to see focus on the following areas:

  • The priority of trying to resolve the nursing workforce crisis.

  • The importance of the wider healthcare team, including Allied Health Professionals and roles like our specialty’s Advanced Critical Care Practitioners.

  • The need to concentrate on staff wellbeing, workload intensity and retention.

  • Flexibility in job plans and training. 


We look forward to seeing how this work will develop following the release of the full plan after the Government’s Spending Review, and we will aim to engaging through the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. These problems are already facing us in the here and now so we hope the way forward will continue to be given urgent priority.