26 October 2018

Version 2 of the Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services (GPICS V2) is now available for public consultation. The consultation window will close at 9am on Monday 19th November. Comments will not be accepted after this time.

The consultation draft can be found here.

An earlier draft of the document was sent to stakeholders who provided some very useful feedback; some of this feedback has been incorporated and some is still under discussion by the editors and authors.

Instructions on how to respond can be found below; when commenting, we would ask to you to note the following:

  • This is still not the final document or a request for endorsement from any organisation. 
  • The document remains in a draft form to allow us to easily make changes, based on your feedback, should we need to do so. Following the consultation, the document will be sent to a professional proof-reader so please focus your comments on the clinical content rather than the spelling, grammar and formatting.
  • Please specify which section your comment relates to (e.g. Introduction, line 2 or Standard 4) and be as detailed as possible. Comments may not be considered if it is unclear what they relate to.
  • As with GPICS V1, there will also be an introduction from the editors and a full list of authors and endorsing organisations in the final version.

Feedback will be collected using SurveyMonkey. You will be able to save your responses at any stage and come back later (using the same computer / IP address); this means you don’t have to submit all comments at once.

If you have any queries, please contact Dawn Tillbrook-Evans at

Please follow the link below to complete the feedback form.