Important Information concerning ACCP Associate Membership

5 May 2017

In 2014 the Faculty opened up the route of Associate Membership for individuals who had undertaken ACCP Training.  During this transition period the ACCP Sub-Committee were able to review applications of equivalent training whilst the official ACCP curriculum was established.  

Now that ACCP Training is established the FICM Board and ACCP Sub-Committee support the move to close the equivalence route for membership and have issued the following notice.

Any individual beginning an ACCP training programme from 5th November 2017 which does not meet the FICM specification for ACCP training (details of which can be found here) will not be eligible to apply for FICM Associate Membership.

It is the responsibility of the individual seeking FICM Associate Membership and the hospital trust providing their training to ensure trainee ACCPs undertake FICM recognised training.