Joint statement for all clinicians supporting critical care and high acuity hospital services

4 May 2020

The success across the NHS of creating and supporting critical care capacity will be a lasting testament to those many lives saved during this COVID19 emergency.
The NHS and Independent sector have worked together with clinicians and managers from multiple specialties to achieve this expanded capacity.

We are now moving to a new phase in which we must plan for the resumption of the urgent and planned treatment of patients who will benefit from critical care or enhanced care for non-COVID conditions (particularly elective surgery), while continuing to provide the additional significant resource and infrastructure demanded by the COVID19 pandemic. It is therefore important to recognise the benefit to the system of working together and the importance of continued mutual aid. This will support retaining the flexibility to surge capacity up and down in the medium term to ensure that all patients who will benefit from critical care, whatever their acute conditions and health background, receive it. To aid decision making with regards to critical care admission and the benefits of continuing organ support, we urge colleagues to follow the COVID19 Critical Care NICE guidance ( as they continue to assess the risk/benefit profile of critical care interventions for individual patients.

Dr Alison Pittard
Dean, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Professor Jane Eddleston
Chair, NHS England Adult Critical Care Clinical Reference Group

Professor Ravi Mahajan
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists


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