Joint statement from FICM and RCoA on Specialist Modules

14 June 2017

ICM/Anaesthesia Dual CCT Training

Specialist Modules Joint Statement

It has been written into both curricula that training in stage 2 ICM/higher anaesthesia specialist modules should be dual counted for both programmes and that the requirements are flexible so that Dual trainees can pick up these competencies in either their anaesthesia attachment or an intensive care attachment. This is possible since many competencies are common to both programmes and can be acquired in theatre or on the intensive care unit.

However, whilst it is true that many of the competencies can be achieved in either theatre or the relevant intensive care unit, some can only be achieved in theatre and some only on the intensive care unit.

Recognising this, it has been agreed by both the FICM and RCoA that dual trainees, during their stage 2/higher anaesthesia specialist modules (paediatric, neurosciences and cardiothoracic) should spend time in both theatre and the intensive care unit. The minimum time spent in either should be that which is required to achieve those competencies unique to either theatre or ICU and the remaining time in the module may be spent in either location.

There will inevitably be variation across regions as to how this is delivered and both the RCoA/FICM believe this flexibility should remain in order to accommodate these local variations.