New guidance for appraisals

4 September 2020

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has been working on simplifying medical appraisal and the revised arrangements have now been agreed by NHSE/I. Steve Powis has sent a letter to responsible officers and medical directors  in the service with details. Medical appraisal was suspended for most doctors in March 2020, to free up clinical time to manage the COVID-19 emergency situation. The letter recommends that responsible officers adopt a flexible approach, aiming to begin reinstating appraisals by 01 October, with a view to resuming normal levels of activity by 01 April 2021.    

The AoMRC have published the following documents relating to the new process on their website:

The revised process uses a rebalanced approach that focuses on the doctor’s professional development and wellbeing, and simplifies expectations around supporting information and pre-appraisal paperwork. This simplification of the process will be very much welcomed by doctors and is a significant achievement. Do please ensure that members are aware of the new arrangements.

The AoMRC has also updated the revalidation and appraisal pages on their website to include the new documents and the further NHSE/I guidance.