NICE Medical Technologies Guidance on Thopaz+ Portable Digital System

4 April 2019

The National Institute for Heathcare Excellence (NICE) recently published guidance (March 2018) recommending the Thopaz+ portable digital system for managing chest drains. NICE has now published a new adoption resource to help put this guidance in to practice.

The technology: Thopaz+

Thopaz+ (Medela UK) is a portable digital chest drain system that provides regulated negative pressure close to the patient's chest and continuously monitors and records air leak and fluid drainage. NICE supports the case for adopting Thopaz+ for managing chest drains. Thopaz+ can reduce drainage time and length of stay in hospital and improves safety for people with chest drains. Its use may also improve clinical decision-making through continuous, objective monitoring of air leaks and fluid loss. NICE recommends that Thopaz+ should be considered for people who need chest drainage after pulmonary resection or because of a pneumothorax.