RCP London report 'Talking about dying' published today

19 October 2018

The Faculty welcomes today’s published report from the RCP London: Talking about dying: How to begin honest conversations about what lies ahead and we are pleased to have contributed to the expert round-table discussions that fed its content.


Clinicians who are able to considerately but proactively manage discussions related to end-of-life care can provide significant benefit to patients, their families and their friends.  The RCP report gives timely attention to education, training and co-operation in such circumstances and it is on such matters that the Faculty is leading a multi-professional, cross-specialty and lay project highlighting such issues within the intensive care setting;  an area of hospitals where great uncertainty of prognosis and end-of-life issues are of major importance.  Following a Stakeholder Engagement Day this November we hope to publish guidance complimenting the new RCP document in the summer of 2019