Study on the Wellbeing of Healthcare and Hospital Workers during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic

6 May 2020

We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the WELLBEING OF HEALTHCARE AND HOSPITAL WORKERS DURING AND AFTER THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. This is a study to explore the experience and impact of COVID-19 on the wellbeing of healthcare and hospital staff working in hospitals during and after the pandemic. We want to understand how working in a hospital during a pandemic has affected staff wellbeing. We plan to repeat this survey in approximately 6 months time to understand what changes occur to staff wellbeing in the next few months.

Ethics approval has been obtained from Northumbria University. The Health Research Authority/NHS reviewed the study and determined that their approval was not required for NHS staff to participate in this study. The survey is not expected to take more than 7-10 minutes to complete. The Participant Information Sheet explains the study and participation in more detail.

We are targeting responses from ALL healthcare and hospital workers who are working in hospitals, such as, nurses, doctors, cleaners, porters, administration staff, allied health and security staff. We recognise the importance of all team members and will not exclude anyone working in a hospital. We are interested in how work has changed for workers because of the pandemic, for instance, redeployment to other areas e.g. critical care areas, and how your work has changed as a result.

Please share this survey link with your colleagues working in the hospital. We would like as many hospital staff to participate as possible. Please read the Participant Information Sheet and click on the link to begin the survey if you would like to participate.

Survey link:

On behalf of the Wellbeing of Healthcare and Hospital Workers during and after COVID-19 Pandemic Investigators.


Please contact Wendy Pollock if you have any queries or require more information about the study –

If you have any concerns about the study, please contact the Ethics Coordinator for the study, Vikki Smith –