Welfare and Morale report

12 December 2017

The FICM welcomes the RCoA's Welfare  and Morale report.  The FICM recognises the enormous importance of ensuring that the support given to doctors in training remains full and responsive, and as the report notes, this, along with training numbers growth, is a key pillar of our Critical Futures initiative.  It will also be the central driver behind the ICM curriculum review that we hope all of our doctors in training will help contribute to and the ongoing careers strategy which both the Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee and the Women in ICM initiative are already taking forward.  Our next annual meeting, Mind The Gap, will also cover the areas of wellbeing and support.


On the specific ICM recommendations, we are glad to have the RCoA's support in the vital need to expand the ICM workforce, which has been an aim for the FICM since its inception.  We are also pleased for the RCoA to join us in working with HEE on the challenges presented to dual recruitment from their central recruitment database.