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Posted: 2 July 2020
National Transfer Project – Practitioner sub-group

Calling all ACCP Members

The FICM ACCP Sub-Committee are working with the National Transfer Project group to produce a set of advanced competencies which, when achieved by qualified ACCPs, will enable them to undertake independent transfers of certain L3 patients, working within transfer services with appropriate governance and Consultant oversight structures.

We are...

Posted: 20 April 2020
Neurological Complications of COVID-19

Neurological Complications of COVID-19: 

Reporting of patients for national/international data registries

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave in its wake a substantial burden of neurological disease. This will occur in many forms from the common (critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy, hypoxic encephalopathy, stroke, delirium etc.),...

Posted: 15 April 2020
Confirmation of death in a positive or suspected Covid 19 patient

The Faculty would like to share this guidance for confirmation of death in a positive or suspected Covid 19 patient. This is just one example that we have adapted for widespread distribution. It is a practical approach that can be adopted during the pandemic. We are extremely grateful for people...

Posted: 9 April 2020
FICM Media Appearances 6-10 April 2020

FICM has made many media appearances recently discussing COVID-19 and intensive care medicine. We have listed them here for ease, should you wish to find a particular news item or interview. Please note that some links hosted on other sites may become unavailable over time.

Many thanks to Alison...

Posted: 9 April 2020
Faculty pleased to endorse intubateCOVID project

The Faculty are pleased to endorse the intubateCOVID project alongside many other specialty groups. This project aims to collect data to ascertain the risk factors associated with COVID-19, including airway managers/assistants developing COVID-19 and the use of PPE. Please click here for full information and a link to...

Posted: 9 April 2020
Radios for Intensive Care

The Faculty has been approached by People Powered, a charitable group hoping to support frontline NHS staff during the outbreak.

They have trialled a system in London of lending (for up to 3 months) walkie-talkies to critical care units to aid communication (i.e. around PPE and isolation rooms)....

Posted: 31 March 2020
ACCP Sub-Committee Statement Regarding ACCPs on Medical Rotas

It is the expectation that trained ACCPs working on medical rotas in critical care continue to do so to support the entire workforce during the pandemic. In these challenging times there will inevitably be blurring of tasks and activities to ensure safe care is delivered. ACCPs are well placed to be...