Other Events

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17th -18th June 2019Intensive Care Management Course
19th June 2019

Beginners Hands-on Echocardiography course

Hands-on training from Qualified BSE cardiac Physiologists and real patients.


21st June 2019Haematology and Critical Care Study Day
22nd - 24th September 2019Infection Prevention 2019
9th September 2019Newcastle Percutaneous Tracheostomy Course
11th September 2019ACCS Careers' Day
4th-5th October 2019BMJ Live - Career Development Advice and Clinical Updates
7th-8th October 2019

Sepsis Unplugged 2019

Sepsis Unplugged brings together all healthcare professionals and patient groups as equals, and asks the questions that will shape better sepsis care. 

7th - 8th November 2019BASIC Course - Barts Health Trust

18th - 19th November 2019 and

30th - 31st March 2020

Clinical Leadership and Management Course for Medical Specialties