A first person journey through national recruitment

This page aims to give an informal guide to what to expect when you come for your national interview for ICM training.  It is interspersed throughout with sections from Dr Zoe Brummel’s 2012 Critical Eye article on her experience at the first ever national recruitment.


It is odd turning up to a football stadium in a suit”


Football stadia have everything we need for recruitment.  A large array of different sized rooms and ample parking.  So this is what you will see when you first arrive.  The stadium’s own reception will point you upstairs to where HEWM staff are waiting to receive you. 




“The process of registering for the interview was very straightforward and the administration staff were incredibly friendly.”


The HEWM will help you through the paper-checking part of the interview day.  Follow the guidance HEWM has indicated to you before the interview closely to ensure you have everything with you and therefore can progress through this stage with minimal fuss and confusion.   Do also ensure you come with plenty of time so you can relax before your interviews and take the chance for a cup of coffee and a toilet break.  Members of the Faculty Secretariat will be available during this period of the day for any questions you might have about training or any other part of Faculty business.


“30 minutes of task prioritisation, followed by 30 minutes of reflective practice, then 20 minutes to prepare for the clinical scenario station and 10 minutes to prepare for the presentation”


Back to school, with a room full of individual desks set out for the written part of your interview.  Information is available on the ICMNRO website.



Interviewees are now arranged into groups to move through the different interview rooms.  Now it’s time to share with each other a nervous smile and start your first in-person interview.  There are three rooms, a 10 minute presentation station, a 10 minute clinical scenario station and a 20 minute portfolio review station.  More information is available in the guidance on the ICMNRO website.







“The consultants were attentive and friendly”


And now it’s all over.  Over 200 trainees will have gone through the same process as you over three days.  Final decisions on ranking will be made as soon as possible after the last interviewee has left the building and offers will go out from HEWM in a matter of days.