Regional Advisor:   Dr Frances O'Higgins

Number of posts available:  8

Advertising and interview process:

Posts are advertised as part of the annual National Recruitment process for posts commencing in August. This is organised by the West Midlands Deanery. More information can be found here:

Training Units:

As a single CCT ICM trainee in Intensive Care Medicine in Severn you will initially spend you first 2 years ST 3/4 training in either the Great Western Hospital, Gloucestershire Hospital, North Bristol Hospitals, Bath Royal United Hospital or University Hospitals Bristol completing stage 1 training in anaesthesia, medicine and intensive care. This may be reduced in duration depending on previous experience and satisfactory evidence of competence.

ST 5/6 training will occur predominantly within University Hospitals Bristol undertaking specialist intensive care modules in paediatrics intensive care , cardiothoracic intensive care and general intensive care. Neurointensive care experience will be gained in North Bristol. During stage 2 training for single CCT ICM trainees there will be the opportunity to undertake research, work abroad, education or gain additional experience in intensive care such as PICU, Neuro or Cardiac.

During ST 3-6 you will receive teaching locally and have the opportunity to participate in the 2 weekly regional whole day teaching programme aimed at passing the FFICM exam. All CCT ICM trainees have passed the FFICM exam in a timely fashion to date.

ST 7 training consists of two 6 month blocks and takes place in Bristol Royal Infirmary, Southmead Hospital, Bath Royal United Hospital or Gloucestershire Hospitals. During ST 6/7 there are regional post Fellowship study days aimed at improving generic skills for all trainees within the School of Anaesthesia and ICM.

You will be encouraged to attend regional, national and international ICM meetings.

You will also be encouraged to undertake dual training with either Anaesthesia (including the subspecialty of pre-hospital emergency medicine), Medicine or Emergency Medicine – dual programmes with Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Resp Medicine, Renal Medicine, Acute Medicine have all commenced. A CCT ICM academic training fellow is also in post.

For more information on individual ICM Training Units, please see the related downloads below or contact the Regional Advisor.