Key Personnel

Regional Advisor:   Dr Matthew Williams (Portsmouth)

Training Programme Director:   Dr Ben Skinner (Southampton)

Specialty Manager:   Mrs Anna Parsons

Trainee Rep:   Dr Lewis Matthews

There is a well established monthly regional registrar teaching programme which is both curriculum based and aimed to help trainees to transition towards independent ICM practice.

ICM exam pass rates for Wessex trainees remain very high with a biannual national FFICM revision course (Portsmouth Intensive Care Exam Revision (PINCER) Course) run within the region.  Other courses offered by the regions’ consultants are:

  • Beyond BASIC – mechanical ventilation
  • FICE courses
  • Simulation training

Professor Mike Grocott leads the Critical Care Research Area within the Southampton NIHR Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit.  The region has three current ICM ACF post-holders pursuing a higher academic qualification.  Additional to Professor Grocott’s unit, there are opportunities to be involved in research within every unit in the region.  Quality Improvement work is actively supported by the Wessex ICM community with important work being conducted by the SPARC group (South Coast Peri-operative Audit and Research Collaborative).

Plans are in place to support various Special Skills Year modules within the region for single ICM CCT holders.

Further details are can be found at www.wessexics.com or by contacting the TPD or Regional Advisor.

For more information on individual ICM Training Units, please see the related downloads below.