Yorkshire and Humber

Yorkshire & Humber

RegionRegional AdvsiorPosts Available
North East Yorkshire & North LincolnshireDr Ian Smith 14 posts available acrsoss the Deanery. Allocation of the posts across the region is by negotiation depending on trainee preference, location of existing programme and availability of training slots.
Sheffield & South YorkshireDr Sarah Irving
West Yorkshire, Leeds & BradfordDr Richard Briscoe


Advertising and interview process:

Posts are advertised as part of the annual National Recruitment process for posts commencing in August. This is organised by the West Midlands Deanery. More information can be found here

There is an ICM Specialist Training Committee with trainee representation and input (Yorkshireicm@gmail.com) and a trainee website.

Training Units:

For more information on individual ICM Training Units, please see the related downloads below or contact the Regional Advisor.