Trainee Representatives

The FICM has two elected trainee representatives. Each trainee rep serves one year as the Deputy Trainee Representative and then one year as the Lead Trainee Representative.

Both trainee representatives sit on the Faculty Board and one or the other is also present at all of the committees or working parties that effect training and require a trainee perspective:

  • Training, Assessment & Quality Committee (FICMTAQ)
  • Careers, Recruitment and Workforce Committee (FICMCRW)


The principal duty of the Trainee Representatives is to represent the views of ICM trainees during Board, committee, working group and other meetings as appropriate:

  • Ensure there is a true representation of trainee concerns and views and ensure the Faculty has a means of seeking trainee input.
  • Effectively inform and alert trainees to issues affecting them and to be able to address grass roots concerns.
  • Encourage greater trainee engagement with the College.


Further duties of the FICM Trainee Representatives include:

  • To establish a communication network with all ICM trainees.  The email database is kept by the FICM Secretariat from trainees who have registered with the Faculty.
  • Maintaining two-way communications with all ICM trainees in order to update them on Faculty developments and to keep the Faculty abreast of information and concerns relevant to its work.
  • Attending all meetings of their assigned boards, committees or working groups.  Travel expenses are reimbursed subject to the usual arrangements.
  • Involvement in Faculty projects that may arise from time-to-time.
  • Producing research or written documents from time-to-time including contribution to the FICM newsletter, Critical Eye, and the Faculty website.
  • To maintain regular liaison with the ICS Trainee Committee.


The current Lead Trainee Representative is Dr Andrew Ratcliffe:

I am currently based in West Yorkshire as a stage 2 dual ICM/Anaesthetic trainee. After completing my undergraduate training at the University of Leeds I have, to the most part, remained within the Yorkshire region. I took time out of training between CT2 and ST3 to work with the South Australian retrieval service. This primarily involved initiating critical care in remote parts of the country before transferring patients back to the tertiary centres in Adelaide. I have since developed on-going interests in remote site anaesthesia and critical care.


I am passionate about the future of our specialty and improving the quality of training. 


During my tenure I also hope to explore new ways of providing greater access to training opportunities; with the aim of enabling trainees whose work and other commitments limit long distance travel to still benefit from the wealth of knowledge that is being made available to us through national courses and teaching programmes.


I look forward to working closely with Richard over the coming year and representing your views to the Faculty. With this in mind please do not hesitate to contact me at about any issues you wish to highlight and be addressed by the Committee.


The current Deputy Trainee Representative Elect is Dr Richard Benson:

I am a dual ICM and Anaesthesia trainee based in the North West of England. I graduated from Edinburgh University and following the completion of my Core Anaesthetics I took time out of training working in Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and air retrieval in South Island, New Zealand.  I am currently a stage 2 trainee at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust.  I have an interest in Neuro- Intensive care and use of simulation in training.

I am passionate about trainee welfare and have had experience of working with my local STC as a trainee representative to bring about positive change.  

Outside medicine I enjoy time with my wife and two children and I am a keen competitor in long distance triathlon having recently completed my first ironman distance event.

I am very much looking forward to working with the board to further improve both the training experience and opportunities for trainees nationally. If you would like to get in contact please e-mail me at